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CVH here - I've had the pleasure to book music at The Blue Note jazz club in NYC for a few years. During that time I've met many of my heroes and made friends with some of the all-time jazz greats. Naturally, many of these musicians hail from the New Orleans area. After Katrina hit I spoke with many of them and I couldn't believe how many of them lost EVERYTHING! It's unimaginable. It's devastating. And yes, we should still do something about it. A couple of the songs on "A Live Shot" were specifically about Katrina victims. And it only seemed fitting that we should donate 100% of the proceeds to a worthy cause. We didn't want to go with a generic non-profit, we wanted something that is aimed at the musicians. Music is such a HUGE part of the wonderful New Orleans culture (and the food!). And its one thing that people can always turn to when times get tough. Music Rising is part of the Grammy Awards' Musicares program. It is aimed at helping musicians affected by Katrina. You can learn more at their website: . Buy the disc, save a life.