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The Kendra Ross cd "New Voice" comes out today. It's a stellar debut from one of the most popular artists on the NYC music scene. It features all original songs (I co-wrote half of them with Kendra). We're really proud of it. Our goal was to make an album featuring live musicians that would be able to stand up with music that you hear on the radio. Kendra has worked with artists like Kanye West, Talib Kweli, and many others. In fact, Talib is featured on our song "Can I Keep It". And Eric Roberson does a duet with Kendra on the song "Why Can't I See". But its really not about the guests. It's all about that voice and those tunes. And doing something new, yet soulful. We get to stretch some things both musically and sonically. No need for people to hear the same stuff that's already been done. Besides, we're trying to separate ourselves from the pack. I have to give so much credit to everyone who performed on it: Chris Rob (keys), Lonnie Plaxico (bass), Skoota Warner (drums), Talib Kweli (MC), Tiye Phoenix (MC), Maurice Brown (trumpet), Teodross Avery (sax), Monet (flute), Daniel Sadownick (percussion), Eric Roberson (vocals), Nicole Hamilton (vocals), Key (vocals), Frances Elizee (vocals), Khadijah Carter (vocals), Linnell Farmer (vocals), Tarrah Reynolds (violin), and Carolyn Jeselsohn (cello). They all poured in a ton of talent and a lot of love into this project.