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You may not know him by name, but you've heard his music. He produced Marvin Gaye's classic album "I Want You". He also wrote or co-wrote almost all of the songs on that album. In addition to that, he's written hit songs for Maxwell, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Minnie Ripperton, and many others. He's also about the coolest person I've ever met in my life. A true musician, too. I had the pleasure of performing with Leon in February. It was great. But the REAL deal was hanging out with him. He and his wife Carol invited the group over to their place for a night of dinner and music. It was transcendent. The food was mind-blowing. But it was when people starting singing, playing the piano, and banging on percussion that the magic happened. We just kept going. It was one of those life-changing musical experiences. If you don't know Leon, check him out. You'll thank me for it. I posted some photos with Leon in the Photo Gallery. They're in the "West Coast '07" section.